Computer guided & Computer Planned implant surgery

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About Guided Surgery

Guided surgery is the best solution for safe & accurate implant placement! With guided surgery, the patient will have a 3D CT scan completed and then based on this scan, we can plan the implant procedure from start to finish and pick the proper implant based on your individual needs. Additionally, the location and angulation of the implant can be perfectly controlled to make sure the final result is very natural and this avoids bulky or un-natural results which occur from poor planning.

before and after

Patient Example 1


3D Simulation for two Implants on Lower Anterior

Patient Example 2

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Four Implants supported Full Arch Reconstruction

Guided Surgery Planning Example 1

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3D Simulations for two Implants on Upper Right

Guided Surgery Planning Example 2

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3D Simulation for two Implants on Lower Anterior

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